Redhead in a Blue Convertible, Ivan Scott

When a surgery goes wrong, Sarah beats herself up to the point that she quits being a surgeon. The years of her mother’s verbal abuse that she would never be good enough has warped her thinking, and so she finds herself driving patients to the hospital instead of operating on them. Enter Billy, a friend of a fellow surgeon who wants to pay Sarah for 24 hours of her time, but not in the Pretty Woman kind of way, he just wants to help her find her way back to everything she’s lost.

While I did find the story a little slow at times, I thought this was a fun read. I wanted to be mad at Scott over the ending, but I just can’t, because I think the 24 hours spent between Billy and Sarah were pretty great. I felt bad for Sarah, a victim of verbal abuse her whole life, who has such an honorable and tough career, who is held back by her mother’s voice in her head. I loved Billy and I loved watching all the good he did for others, he touched countless lives. This is definitely a hidden gem that is well-written and inspiring.

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