Only Pretty Betas, Rosemary A. Johns

Crimson and her pack keep getting tossed around from one place to another for perceived “wrongs”, first by the House of Blood and then to Queen Rhona. They really can’t catch a break, and having your magic bound not only makes it harder to escape, but it’s mentally taxing. If there is a positive in any of this, it’s that a lot of things are coming to light, and while all of them might not seem good, it means that Crimson is learning much more about her situation and abilities that will help her down the road.

This book felt a bit different than book 1, Only Perfect Omegas, the writing style was often reminiscent of her Rebel Vampire series. There were a few times that I stumbled over that style because I wasn’t exactly clear on what was happening. But when I look at the overall story, it makes sense to me. Crimson is learning what her role should be as Wolf Charmer. She’s such a strong and assertive female it’s impossible not to like her. I’m especially fond of Moon and of course Mischief and I love that Crimson has such a strong, varied pack. A well-written, great addition to the Rebel Werewolves series.

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