The Dating Charade, Melissa Ferguson

Cassie works with at-risk teens, and she’s hopeless when it comes to dating. She’s got an exit strategy planned out for dates, and she’s fairly picky in what she wants for a guy. She also can’t have children and she knows too well that can pose a problem for potential suitors. Jett remembers Cassie from high school, so when he sees her on a dating site, he sends her a message. He sees she doesn’t want children and that’s the future he envisions for himself. But all his plans for trying to get her to give him a chance are brushed off. The best-laid plans can always go awry.

This was a cute read, watching the plans Cassie had laid out as an escape plan on dates had me laughing. I liked Jett’s persistence and creativity when it came to figuring out what makes Cassie tick. My copy was an ARC so I understand the numerous spelling mistakes, but Ferguson is a huge fan of using “and” in place of commas, “x and y and z” multiple times just didn’t do it for me, the writing often came off a bit juvenile with things like that happening. Some proper editing could easily fix that. Also, what started off strong as a fun romantic comedy quickly turned clean romance with the focus on the adoptions and the romance took a back burner. Overall not a bad read and that’s why I give it 4-stars, but not the right fit for me.

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