When We Believed in Mermaids, Barbara O’Neal

“There are seasons of darkness…Loss and sadness all around.”

Kit lost her sister Josie 15 years ago in a terrorist attack on a train in London. While their relationship was rough towards the end, there wasn’t a day passed that she didn’t miss her. Until they spot Josie on the news, a world away in New Zealand. So Kit heads off to see if this really is her sister and to find out why she disappeared all those years ago.

This story was told in the past and present, in Kit’s quest to find Josie, but also in her quest to find herself, which for someone who keeps everyone at a distance, is a hard road to walk. While an outsider might have seen their life as idyllic growing up, it was anything but. So we must go to the past to see how the puzzle pieces fit both of these women’s lives today.

“When I saw you, I recognized you, like I’ve been waiting, all this time.”

This is my first book of O’Neal’s and I can’t tell you how much I loved this one. Each of these women was so broken from their past, and they were both hiding from it in their own way. I could relate to Josie’s struggle with PTSD, and I could completely see why she suffered for so long. I admired Kit’s strength, and my heart hurt at the walls she had put up to protect herself, never allowing herself to fall in love or be loved.

Soul twins indeed!

I loved this book from the very start and am definitely a fan. So well done!

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