How to Walk Away, Katherine Center


This one has been so well-reviewed that I’m going to skip my normal summary and get right into how I felt about this book. I had received an ARC of Things You Save in a Fire over the summer and enjoyed it enough to want to give this one a go.

Margaret’s devotion to her then-fiance drives me nuts. He put her in a position she didn’t want to be in and then took no responsibility for the accident. He couldn’t even bother to visit her to see how she was doing from the devastation she caused. I felt that despite her drive to succeed in life, she let people walk over her too much and I would have liked to see her find her gumption a lot sooner.

I thought Margaret’s injuries and recovery were very well-researched. Center did a great job of showing Margaret’s pain and the struggle not only physically but mentally as well. I loved the overall journey of this book. Watching her evolve, watching her find her strength and drive, and finding love was heartwarming.

You can read my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there. How to Walk Away is available for purchase on Amazon for $9.99.




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