Love Her or Lose Her, Tessa Bailey


Rosie has been living for years in what feels like a loveless marriage to Dominic. So when she finally gets the nerve to leave him and start going after her own dreams, she realizes that there was more to her marriage than she wanted to see. That marriages often break down because of both parties and not just one.

Rosie was a little selfish in her way of thinking about the marriage. She was quick to put all the blame for their situation on Dominic. Even when she starts learning there was more to his love than what she was seeing, she wasn’t ready to give him credit. Dominic is an alpha male, but when outside the bedroom, his love for Rosie is shown in quiet and unassuming ways.

These two are smoking hot together. I hadn’t read Bailey before but she has the sexy romance genre on point. She wrote this wonderful couple, whose biggest draw to me, was that they weren’t perfect. They were realistic and relatable, and then you got them together in the bedroom and wowzah! They remind us that marriage takes work and that we fall in love with people for a reason, and sometimes we lose sight of those reasons.

I received this one from HarperCollins and I hadn’t read book 1 before this and I don’t feel that I missed anything, which I absolutely love. But I am definitely adding Fix Her Up to my TBR because this is definitely a series I don’t want to miss out on. Well done!

You can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub as this hasn’t released yet. Love Her or Lose Her is available for preorder on Amazon for $10.99, it releases January 14th.


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