Green Castles, K.L. Montgomery


Jennifer has lost her daughter and she needs her two best friends, Kat and Michelle, by her side to get through this unimaginable grief. She only hopes that the rift that came between Kat and Michelle all those years ago won’t cause a problem and that perhaps time has healed old wounds. Michelle, once the wild child, has turned to God, her husband, and her three children. Kat has given up on religion but lives in NY with her boyfriend and son. The duo might have animosity between them from the past, and they might be living completely different lives, but their love of Jennifer is more important.

As a huge fan of Montgomery, this was one I hadn’t read yet, and I am so glad that I went into her back catalog and grabbed this. It was a very inspirational story, told in the present and through reflections of their time together in the past. The stories were touching, sometimes humorous, sometimes healing, and it was through their shared past that they were able to work on the present. A very uplifting read.

You can read my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there. Green Castles is available for purchase on Amazon for $2.99.



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