Little Secrets, Jennifer Hillier


I read Jar of Hearts over the summer and loved it so much, that when I saw this in an email, I started stalking Netgalley hoping they would add it so I could read it. While this is only my second book of hers, I am definitely a fan and plan to start reading her other books.
A split second, that’s all it took for someone to snatch Marin’s son Sebastion. A year later, her marriage is falling apart (because her husband Derek is a cheating piece of scum) and she still has no idea where her son is. Poor Marin, she’s attempted suicide in the past, and if her son isn’t found alive, then she’s made the decision that she doesn’t want to live without him. She’s incredibly talented and successful, and she’s been torn apart by this. She’s on a very precarious edge with a useless, cheating husband, and even though she’s got support, she’s so consumed in her grief she isn’t letting anyone in.

The support group she is in can be helpful as well as stressful. You want answers, good or bad, you need to know, and we watch the other sufferers run through the gambit of emotions that Marin herself has gone through and then some. While all this is happening, Hillier starts to give us Kenzie’s story and we watch as she systematically goes after Derek, and you just want to reach into the book and strangle her a bit (or a lot), because of what she is doing to Marin.

So much going on! The characters are wonderful, good and bad because the bad guys evoke visceral feelings of contempt. The writing is flawless. This book has so many great elements, it’s twisty and fast-paced, there are so many secrets that start to tumble out the deeper you dig and it’s practically a one-sit read. So clear your schedule before you start it because you are not going to want to put it down.

For now, you can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub as I received this as a very early ARC. Little Secrets is available for preorder on Amazon for $13.99, it releases April 21, 2020.

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