The Lying Game, Ruth Ware


I found Ruth Ware this year and I’ve been making my way through her novels. I had gotten this one over the summer and was glad to hop into it before the end of the year. Four girls are brought together at a remote boarding school, bored and mischievous as teens are, they invent the lying game. Points are scored for various lies, the way they are told, and the impact they have. All these years later, they are summoned back by Kate. They must confront the consequences of the biggest secret they’ve kept all these years.

So when we first got to the “lie” that was told, I didn’t think it should have had such a strong hold on the women after all this time. But as the lie started to slowly reveal itself, I was hit with a lot of “wow”, this is twisted. Both of the other Ware books that I have read this year were also 4-star reads. In The Woman in Cabin Ten, I despised the main character, Lo. As with The Turn of the Key, I also despised the main character. In this one, I didn’t love Kate, she was completely unreliable. She had built this little click, in which honesty amongst them was a must, and she was the worst. So in that, Ware is excellent at creating completely unlikable characters. But this one was my favorite of the three. I liked the alternating timelines and the school setting. I liked that once the secrets started to come out, that it was completely engaging. Overall, a really fun read.

Check out this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub as well. The Lying Game is available for purchase on Amazon for $8.99.


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