Broken Grace, E.C. Diskin


Grace has been in an accident and now that she’s awake, she doesn’t remember anything of her life. To further complicate matters, her fiance Michael is dead and it’s looking like she’s the number one suspect. Broken Grace gives us an unreliable narrator in Grace because she has no memory, so she’s dependant on her sister Lisa to fill in gaps. But Lisa is withholding information because she doesn’t want to overload Grace. Grace starts to rely on co-workers, her therapist, and even the police officers to help her in her quest to clear her name.

So while I had a hunch fairly early on with what was going on, it didn’t deter me from enjoying this book. There were quite a few people who were sketchy and it created a good, chaotic atmosphere of doubt. While I do think some of the police interviews could have gone better (interviewing Wes was a nightmare because the police didn’t insist that his wife butt out), I do think that the singular focus on Grace is a major problem in detective work even today. Diskin is a skilled writer, who has created great characters and a fun storyline, I’m definitely checking out her other work.

You can also read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. Broken Grace is available on Amazon for $1.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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