Snowflakes and Sapphires, Kristina Beck


Sophia has relocated to New York for 6 months for her job. A huge fan of Christmas, this time of year is hard without her sister near her. When she meets Drew, an incredibly talented jeweler, there’s a connection, but he has pressing matters and she has things to do. Sophia’s time in New York didn’t start off on the right foot with a random stranger, but she’s learning that there are good people out there in the big city.

I loved the connection Sophia had not only to Drew but his family. They welcomed Sophia with open arms and made her feel at home at a time of year when we’re missing our loved ones. While this is set at Christmas time, I feel it’s an anytime read, especially now as the cold of winter is settling in upon us. This was a fun story with excellent characters and while it is going to be part of a “seasons series”, it’s can be read as a standalone. Excellent characters with a fun setting, I can’t wait to see what Beck has in store for this series!

Check out my review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub and give it a like while you’re there. Snowflakes and Sapphires is available for purchase on Amazon for $2.99

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