Saint X, Alexis Schaitkin


Claire, who now goes by her middle name Emily, has grown obsessed with her sister Alison’s death. It is taking over all aspects of her life. So Schaitkin reveals the story in the time Alison was alive and the media spectacle that followed, to the current time, where Emily is living out her story. Saint X is also told in multiple points of view, to give us Clive, a man who was a suspect in Alison’s disappearance.

For me, there’s a story here, but then there are dozens of side stories, of Clive, Alison, and Emily’s life that meander along and don’t necessarily relate to the arching story or move the story forward. I requested this book because it kept being advertised in my email, recommended by various editors and while the writing is indeed lyrical, there isn’t much of a story. The description of the island, Saint X, are vivid and rich. Other’s are saying it’s a slow-burn mystery and I guess that is apt, though you definitely don’t leave the book feeling as satisfied as you would hope.

Saint X is available on Amazon for $13.99

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