A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Holly Jackson


For her senior Capstone project, Pippa wants to prove that Sal Singh did not kill Andie Bell 5 years ago. She’s given strict instructions by her teacher to not involve the families involved, which in the spirit of a feisty teen, she promptly ignores. What unfolds is a mixture of Pippa’s entries for her log and story setting as she goes about interviewing people involved.

Pippa had a lot of good, self-reflecting moments on her journey to the truth. I particularly liked when she said: “But sometimes remembering isn’t for yourself; sometimes you do it to make someone else smile.”I liked the connection that Pippa built with Sal’s brother Ravi, who always believed his brother was innocent, but because the town was angry with his whole family, he couldn’t do much about it.

There were quite a few elements going on to build this complex story, which slowly unfolded with each person interviewed. Jackson covered topics such as suicide, rape, and self-harm, because there was just so much going on, it worked well in the story. Pippa is strong-willed, and she’s not afraid to be a bit of a bully to get people to be honest with her. From start to finish, this was a fun read with excellent characters and an engaging storyline. Thank you Random House Children’s Books for sending this along!

For now, you can read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder available on Amazon for $10.99



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