The Herd, Andrea Bartz


The Herd is an office sharing space for women, it’s a bit of an elite group, they’re very selective in who they allow, and the waitlist is long. The brainchild of The Herd is Eleanor, a focused, driven, successful career woman. Her close core group of friends are a part of it, including Hana, whose sister Katie is a journalist, and has recently back to the area. Katie hopes to have her application approved by Eleanor, but it’s not moving along as swiftly as she thought it would. Things aren’t exactly perfect at The Herd as the story unfolds, which is told in alternating viewpoints of Katie and her sister Hana.

Whenever a woman is in power, in the means that Eleanor has gotten there, it’s bound to draw haters. While those haters aren’t central to the story, they do add an element of “who is responsible for what is going on?” The story unfolds through the women’s connection to the past and into the present. (and of course, it’s centered around Eleanor’s disappearance). I feel that the blurb suggests this is going to be a fast-paced thriller, and for me, it wasn’t. There were a few times I felt we were just slowly plodding along, but then I got about 1/2 in, and the story picked up. Overall, an enjoyable read with some great characters and a fun setting. Thank you Random House-Ballantine for sending this one along.

The Herd is available on Amazon for $13.99.

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