Only Protector Alphas, Rosemary A. Johns


The thing about Crimson through this journey is that she’s constantly evolving, she’s learning what it means to control the Crimson Tide, to belong to a pack, and how that pack can change, evolve and grow, just as she is. In this final installment, the pack is again in hot water, and when we left Crimson last, she had just killed her aunt, which could put the witches in a precarious position. Once again, with a lot on her plate, she must rely on those she loves to help see them through this mess.

This journey hasn’t been easy, and we’ve learned along the way that there are so many that are treated poorly (abominable really). Crimson is trying to be the voice of doing what is right, and that’s because of who she chose to be in her pack (and those that choose her as well). This has been a fun trilogy. I’ve enjoyed the characters, the bond between them, and the comedic moments along the way. There’s angst, comedy, romance, and so much more, a truly fun ride.

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Only Protector Alphas is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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