The Glass Magician and The Master Magician-Sort of

Yesterday started off a bit like WW3 in this house and when you have PTSD, those kinds of events sap your energy. Thus, I ran out of spoons shortly after getting dressed.  I was sitting on the couch, watching our rather new bunny play and all I wanted to do was just crawl upstairs back into bed, and I couldn’t because it wasn’t fair to her to put her back in her cage. But then my skin started to crawl, and I found myself resorting to stress behaviors that clearly tell me it’s time to fly away (or at least, fly to bed), and so I swallowed my guilt, put the poor bunny up in her 3-story cage (which helps to alleviate some of the guilt, and knowing my partner would be home by noon to let her back out), and crawled into bed. That allowed me to read both books yesterday, which kind of screwed me up because I didn’t make the proper notes (or any notes) to give these books the review they deserve.

And honestly? My energy still isn’t all that great, which is funny considering my nickname is energy. But I wanted to post something, something beyond the reviews I always post, because as a sufferer, I don’t share personal information, at all. Can I come back and review these books properly? I don’t know. I would like to.

So a few brief thoughts that don’t do these books justice, at all.

Holy cow Ceony, you are one stubborn young lady, and would it kill you to listen, just once? But wow Ceony, if you listened to Emery, and everyone else telling you to just sit at home and let the pros handle things, you wouldn’t be the amazing, master magician you are now. So kudos, for learning something so amazingly new that it renders people speechless (or at least, the people that know that you are keeping a very, very, amazing secret). And I realized in my review I wrote of The Paper Magician, that I didn’t talk about this budding romance that was blooming. In book 1, it was powerful, in the: I’ve just walked in your heart and my life will never be the same, powerful. But it couldn’t be pursued because it was a student/teacher taboo, and while that works in other novels, it definitely couldn’t work in these novels…

Until it mildly could.

And then it made Ceony’s stubbornness even more likable because she was doing these reckless acts to protect the ones she loves. And who wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth to protect those they love?

There’s a book 4 in this series, it doesn’t involve Ceony and Emery and while I want to read it, I don’t know if emotionally I’m ready to forget this couple, and moving on to a new person means giving them up, at least, in my very tired brain. Maybe next week when I’ve rebounded.

These are really fun books, they’re incredibly creative and a whole lot of fun. The series is available on Amazon.

I guess I said more than I thought I would. I have a few reviews I’m sitting on and while I would like to think I can get them done this week, I can’t make any promises. But I would love it if you stuck around anyway.


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