Gone by Midnight: Candice Fox


I have the first two books of this series in hardcover. So when I saw Candice had the new book coming out, I jumped at the chance to request this from Macmillan/Tor so I could read it, and I’m so glad I did.

As far as the storyline of the missing boy, Richard, Fox gives us the perfect setup. Four young boys are left alone in a hotel room, with their parents downstairs eating and drinking. With only an hourly check-in, the boys are definitely not going to stay put. So when one goes missing, the mother hires Ted to find her son. Of course, Ted is going to work with Amanda on this one, even if the police chief wants her to have nothing to do with it.

In this book, Ted gets to have his daughter Lillian for an entire week, which is a huge adjustment for him. But he also has a case involving the missing boy, so he needs to find the right balance of work and parenthood. It’s a role he hasn’t had in a while, but he relishes having his daughter under his roof.

I adore Ted and Amanda; they make a fantastic team as they both have gone through something major in their lives. Amanda’s quirky character is fun, and she’s incredibly perceptive. She doesn’t have the typical reactions when she figures things out, and it makes her that much more a lovable character. I love how Fox creates these wonderful setups that make you question everyone. She has wonderful characters who you cheer on because things are always going wrong for them. I absolutely love this series and Gone by Midnight is a fantastic addition. Well done!

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Gone by Midnight is available for preorder on Amazon for $14.99, it releases tomorrow, March 10th.

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