Wild at Heart, K.A. Tucker


I immediately started this after finishing The Simple Wild, which was a mistake on my part, because then it meant I couldn’t properly review the first book. But, I’m glad I didn’t let any time slip between the two books as I’m giving this one 4.5 stars because it left me with so many good feels.

This one follows Calla as she settles into her life in Alaska. I think the issues she faces with her neighbor Roy meant more to me than her relationship with Jonah. Gasp! I know, but Jonah is gone a lot in this one, and really, living in Alaska, you need your neighbors. Something Agnes had told Calla when she first settled here. Agnes is the first of the side characters I have grown to love in this book.

Back to Roy. I’ve always been drawn to people that shut others out because there is *always* a reason. I like to find that reason. While Calla wasn’t eager to help Roy, and she was a bit nosy at times, it leads her to the deeper truth. That vein of the storyline is what makes me love this book so much. (which I understand differs completely from most of the reviews I read before I wrote this).

Even Muriel, who comes crashing into Calla’s life, pushing her way in and putting order where there isn’t, has a good heart. Some pushy people are that way because it comes from a place of love, of caring for other people. While Muriel is a force to be reckoned with, where her heart lies shines through.

So yes, there are some wonderful characters in this book that make it so much more than just a Calla and Jonah storyline. I love their relationship. I love how Jonah went from this burly and brash guy to someone so much deeper, to a caring guy who puts his heart out there, and who will work at this relationship and give Calla the life he promised. I want more, from this couple, from these characters. Because while things seemed neatly tied up with a bow at the conclusion, some things were not. Some characters have more of a story to tell, and I would love to read it. Nicely done!

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Wild at Heart is available on Amazon for $4.99



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