The Rome of Fall, Chad Alan Gibbs


Marcus is returning home to take care of his dying mother. To a town where high school football is the last word. A former rock star whose breakdown ended the band, Marcus grabs a job teaching high school English. Told in alternating timelines in the present and from his time at the school in the 90s, we find out what drove Marcus away from this town, and how he’s surviving being back.

Gibbs has done a fantastic job bringing us on a nostalgic journey through music, styles, and the slang of the 90s. He’s touched on some important issues facing today’s society, and I greatly appreciated the subtle jabs at some less desirable aspects as well. For me, some of the day to day was a bit repetitive, making it slow at times. When I read of the politics involved in making sure the town revolves around football, it was maddening, because it was true. I appreciated Marcus’ aversion to all of it and was glad he wanted no part of it.

The Rome of Fall is richly detailed, and the characters have strong personalities. It’s witty and amusing, with good social commentary. Gibbs should totally set up a Spotify playlist for readers to throw on as they’re reading to add that extra layer of nostalgia. So many fun bands and songs popped up and added to how much I enjoyed this book. Well done!

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The Rome of Fall is available on Amazon for $3.99.

I adored Gibbs’ other book, Two Like Me and You. Grab it on Amazon for 99 cents.


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