More Than Maybe, Erin Hahn


St. Martins reached out to me to see if I wanted to review this because I had also read “You’d Be Mine” this time last year and really dug it, so I was excited to read this one, and Hahn did not disappoint.

Luke’s father was a singer in a punk rock band, and while Luke loves writing songs, he has no intention of following in his footsteps. He despises being in the limelight and the more his father pushes him into the lifestyle, the more Luke wants nothing to do with it. He’s been low-key stalking Vada’s music blog. Vada has a 5-year plan to make her way in the music world. Luke is definitely not in that plan. But the more they find themselves together, the more she sees how compatible they really are.

All the characters in this were great, except for Meg, who wasn’t well-detailed and didn’t appear often. It wasn’t until she became more of an active character later on in the book that I started to see any personality from her. I especially loved Phil and his relationship with Vada. I think the world needs more step-parents and ‘would-be’ step-parents like Phil. I liked that Luke was into Vada long before they had these long, intimate conversations. I think Hahn was light on the angst, but the things Luke said and thought were swoony.

This book has interactive titles that you can click to take you to a Spotify song that goes along with the chapter. I adore having a playlist to go along with what I’m reading, and I love that music played such a huge role in this book. This was a slow-burn read that is going to leave you hanging for a while. But it gives you all the feels along the way. Their friendship is sweet and endearing, and the fact they both struggled with less than stellar parents was not only relatable, but it brought them closer together. I abandoned the two other books I had going once I started this because I did not want to put it down. Super fun read!

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More Than Maybe is available for Amazon for $9.99.


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