The Girl Who Wasn’t There, Nick Clausen


Andy’s sister Rebecca has gone missing. He saw a yellow van and swears he heard thumping coming from within, but the police aren’t taking it as seriously as he hopes. It’s up to him to find and rescue his sister before it’s too late. But as things get weird on his trips to the library, he realizes there’s more at play than he could have ever realized. As the days pass, Andy’s mother gets stricter, scared that she will lose another child. Her behavior grows more erratic and it’s making it hard for Andy to go out and search. We can only hope he can rescue his sister if she’s still alive.

Eek! So this was a super fun read for me. I loved what was happening at the library and I loved how Andy defied his parents to rescue his sister. While his desire to find her may be born from guilt, it feels like he’s the only one doing anything. I liked the creative storytelling that breaks the book up into 3 segments, from Andy’s point of view to Rebecca’s, and then a combined. It gives us more of a complete story as to what’s going on. Nick is superb at creating a fun and engaging storyline with great characters and true horror. Wonderful!

You can read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub.

The Girl Who Wasn’t There is available on Amazon for 99 cents, it’s enrolled in KU

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