A Week at the Shore, Barbara Delinksy


I requested this one from St. Martin’s because I always love their books. After 20 years away, Mallory and her 13-year-old daughter head back to her hometown. To the memories she’s left behind and to her sister Anne that has taken care of her father all these years. But some big revelations get uncovered, ones that can hurt and take some time to heal from. All three sisters need to learn to put the past behind them and get back to being sisters.

This was a slow read for me in the beginning. I felt a lot of time was spent on mundane things that didn’t move the story forward. Also, the third sister Margo wasn’t as detailed as the other two, and she felt a bit like an add-on character. So I wasn’t too invested with what was going on with her. But I enjoyed both Mallory and Anne’s characters, even if they made some bad decisions. I think it’s really easy to want to never return to your hometown, especially a small one where everyone knows everyone and their secrets. The message of forgiveness and healing is strong throughout the book. Overall, this was an enjoyable read.

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A Week at the Shore is available on Amazon for $14.99.


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