Resurgence, S. Usher Evans


Every 4 years a Demon Spring happens, where demons come to earth from a fissure and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, humans are fair game and they have nothing that can kill the demons short of cutting off their heads. Partners Jack and Cam work for ICDM and in the years between Demon Spring, they work with local demons that live on earth to keep the peace. But rumors of the upcoming demon spring say it will be one of the worst and that Bael, the king of demons, will resurface after over 100 years of being gone. But without knowing exactly when it will happen, or where, they might just get caught unprepared.

Eek! So I love when an author does a paranormal/suspense, and considering I already love Sush’s writing, that just makes the combo here perfect. I adored Cam because she’s strong and feisty, and incredibly smart. I love that she pushes Jack to be his best when he’s been out of the game for so long. They work great as a team. I even really liked Colibri/Anya, because she was a demon who had realized the wrong of her ways. While this ended on a cliffhanger, some things sorted themselves out, so I wasn’t too upset about that because I bought all 3 books in the series at once so I get to continue on, which I’m super excited about. Fantastic Read!

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Resurgence is available for purchase on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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