The Sunday Girl, Pip Drysdale


The Sunday Girl follows Taylor, an abused woman who wants to get back at her ex-boyfriend Angus for posting a sex tape online. But she’s not sure how to go about doing it, and she isn’t sure if she’s ready to let him go. With chapters framed as days of the weeks, we follow Taylor in her quest to get the revenge she thinks she deserves.

It would be easy to get mad at her about her lingering love for Angus, but one has to look at how abuse changes a person’s way of thinking over time, and we see that in Taylor. But I didn’t love Taylor’s character, and it wasn’t necessarily because she was still in love with Angus. At times, she was too pushy, (when Charlotte was trying to set up a dating profile for her), and Taylor’s entire way of thinking was obsessive. It was too much for me.

But the thing is, once I started the story, I didn’t want to put it down. Because the more that was revealed, the more enjoyable the story was; it was a well-written story. While our cast of characters was fairly small, they were 3 dimensional, and they all had a role to play. Overall, a fairly fun read.

The Sunday Girl is available on Amazon for $9.99.

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