Catherine House, Elisabeth Thomas


I read the blurb when I requested this from HarperCollins, but I didn’t re-read it a month later when I started this. I also didn’t want to read the reviews before I read this because I wanted to go into reading this as blindly as possible.

Thomas set up a great mystery of what the heck is going on at Catherine House? There’s a wonderful, dark atmosphere, with an air of mystery and the seductive allure of the unknown. I needed to know what was so special about this school. As I watched person after person in Ines’ life at the house disappear, succumb to the house, I was faced with needing to know what was happening and so I found myself unable to put the book down. From the beginning with the plasm, when they’re being attached to Ines and the other students, I knew we were going on a wild ride.

But then, I was left a little dissatisfied with it. It got repetitive in the day to day in the middle, filler that didn’t move the story along and didn’t help with the unfolding of what was happening. Plasm isn’t all that explained, and what was happening to people, the reason they’re all there, it isn’t as grand a reveal as I hoped. But the thing is, I couldn’t put this down because Thomas has created this perfect storyline in which you needed to know what would happen to Ines, and in that, it’s oddly addicting. I think this will be a hit or miss for readers. Either they will be drawn in and will have that feeling for the entire book, or they will be drawn in and feel let down as I was. 3.5 stars.

Catherine House is available on Amazon for $14.99

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