Death by Midnight, Nicole Nadeau


Anna is a genius who likes to invent things. She’s a talented inventor, and in the social teenage hierarchy, it makes her stand out. She’s often bullied and doesn’t fight back. Her best friend Jake is always sticking up for her. When Anna and her family are kidnapped, Jake is the first one to go after her and try to save her. But Komarov isn’t your ordinary kidnapper, and he has nefarious plans for Anna’s knowledge. But Anna and Jake come as a package which might just throw a wrench in Komarov’s plans.

There were only a few minor things that kept me from giving this 5-stars. When we meet Jake, we see that he wants more with Anna. This isn’t resolved in the book because they’re simply too busy. But when I look on Amazon, this is labeled as a first book in the series, so I imagine Nadeau will explore that in future books. I felt the ending tidied up too neatly for the duo. Lastly, I thought the author could have used more pronouns in place of names, because it made reading a bit clunky, especially in the beginning. But when I take away the very minor things I didn’t like, there is so much to love in this book.

Nadeau has created a very fun and engaging storyline. The writing is well done, and the book is well-edited. The fights and various break-ins are incredibly detailed and well-researched. The characters are impressive and I liked how Jake balanced Anna out. I also enjoyed Anna’s inventions. From the start, it’s non-stop action in a race to get things done in time. Nadeau is great at creating a tense atmosphere, and this made the book a really fun read.

Death by Midnight is available on Amazon for $8.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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