Blood Always, Jill Ramsower


What happens when your father asks you to marry into the family that you’ve hated your entire life? You agree because you would do anything for your family and you go into it like the business arrangement it is.

Except, Matteo is more than just a business arrangement, he’s oh so easy on the eyes and those tattoos? Those are just the finishing touches. And Maria has to admit, he’s pretty charming.
As far as Matteo, he’s drawn in from the start. Maria is feisty but clever, she can be rash and quick to heat, but he admires her for her strength and cunning. But she brings out the beast inside of him, and that isn’t always good for her, especially when he’s making commands he isn’t honoring himself, at least in her eyes. It brings out her rebellious streak. These two together can guarantee you will be in for a wild ride.

While Maria exudes confidence, she is, in her words, broken. There are reasons for her quiet strength, reasons she shied away from commitment, and Matteo wants to uncover those reasons. These two together? Hello, sexy time. They are incredibly good together. I had been looking forward to Maria’s story, and Jill did not disappoint. Maria is the strong yet vulnerable female lead we had been waiting for. Sexy and swoony, Blood Always is more than just a mafia story, and it will hook you from the start.

Blood Always is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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