Judas Kiss, K.A. Fox


Delaney has better control of her ever-growing magic. Her daily practices with Cal are keeping her in top shape. Even Torren’s body is getting fitter after their daily workouts. But is all this training enough to protect them from what lay ahead?

Phew, I needed to breathe for a bit after reading this one because, wow! I adored book 1, so when I had the opportunity to request this, I jumped at the chance. I felt invested in Delaney’s story and Fox did not disappoint. As the blurb says: “As betrayals around her mount…” and that is just a small sign of what you can expect reading this. It’s going to kick you in the feels, in a very good way.

Fox has created wonderful characters in Delaney, Cal, Torren, and even Moose, her faithful Hell Hound sidekick. From Moose’s emotions to Cal’s swords, to their fights, the details in Judas Kiss are impressive. This foursome works as a strong unit and their endurance is tested repeatedly as there are few moments of peace. I need more of all of them, and I need it yesterday. Judas Kiss has a superb storyline that is well-written and insanely addicting. Such a super fun read and series.

Judas Kiss is available on Amazon for $3.99. Start the series with The Devil’s Own for 99 cents.

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