The Loop, Ben Oliver


I shouldn’t have started The Loop in the evening because I have chronic insomnia and need to sleep at the same time every night, but that process went out the window because I got sucked into the story from the start.

In the world of the future, everyone answers to a computer program, Happy. And Happy can determine your fate without the aid of humans. So when Luka lands himself in The Loop, a high-tech prison for teens, it all seems hopeless. It’s a strict place where you’re cut off from humanity as it’s completely computer operated, except for 1 human warden. That daily companionship from the warden gives Luka strength to repeat the monotony and torture of each day.

But there’s trouble brewing on the outside. People are unhappy with the way the world, “As One”, is run. Could it mean hope for Luka? To escape this place before he turns 18 and gets sent to “The Block”, the area of the prison that’s even worse than where he is now?

I forgot to make notes as I was reading this because I was so invested in the story. This is a highly imaginative world, and definitely one I wouldn’t want to live in. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. I think it’s what the book needed, but it might not be what I needed. Which leads me to question: will there be a book 2, and can I have it yesterday? Superb storyline and an exceptionally fun read. Very well done.

Read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there.

The Loop is available for purchase on Amazon for $11.99.


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