Redemption, S. Usher Evans



I will be so insanely vague about this because I don’t want to spoil where this one went. Even though Cam did something that was so completely out of character for her, I adored that she did it (and wish it would have stuck). I loved her new connection to Anya, and I’m hoping this friendship will last because both of them could use more friends.

The entire journey was so much fun because it mostly took place in the Underworld. I love Sush’s imagination, from the details of each different land to the castles, it was all highly imaginative. This series is addicting, and rumor has it, Sush is working on more books for this (which is insanely exciting). You can leave this series feeling like it’s complete, but then you can also see that there can be more in the future. So I’m excited about the prospect of more because I absolutely adore Cam, Jack, Anya, and Lotan (whom I definitely need more of).

This has been such a fun journey, the writing is excellent, and I finished the book feeling such a sense of happy. An insanely fun series with another home run for Evans.

Read this review on Amazon and Goodreads, (for some reason this isn’t on Bookbub, *cough*, Sush).

Redemption is available on Amazon for $4.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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