Avenged by Love, L.J. Evans


Truck lives with his younger brother, taking care of him as best as one can take care of a 22-year-old. His brother was a bit of a wild child, and Truck blames the trouble he got into on himself. He carries around a lot of weight on his shoulders. Jersey too carries around a lot of weight, but for very different reasons. The social outcast of the town for reasons beyond her control, she’s taking care of her little sister in their father’s absence. Truck was hooked on Jersey from the first glance. But something is holding her back. If only the two of them could explore the feelings bubbling beneath the surface.

I want to commend Evans on covering so many real-world issues in this one. She discusses Endometriosis and the problems with the health care system in a completely relatable way. I loved the connection between Truck and Jersey, and I loved Truck’s inner monologue when he was thinking about Jersey, which was totally swoon-worthy. Even though they both have their own battles to get through, they are so good for each other.

I adored watching Truck help Jersey open up, to have some fun, and let go of the stress she carries around. I think Jersey is probably one of my most favorite characters in this series so far because she’s so relatable. This was such a fun storyline. Truck and Jersey will stay with me for a long time. A fantastic read!

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Avenged by Love is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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