The Lane Betrayal, John A. Heldt


Mark Lane has learned that his employer plans to use the time travel boxes they’ve invented for nefarious purposes. So he takes his family and the two time boxes and flees to 1865, where the Civil War is nearing its end. They may not find the peace they’re hoping for when the owner of the company sends Silas Bain to kill them and retrieve the boxes. Will they survive?

The Lane Betrayal had quite a few elements going on that made it a fun read. We have Jordan finding love, Mark befriending President Lincoln’s top aide, Laura working as a nurse, and we have the business of the time travel. The historical elements added a lot of fun to this read. The Lanes meet many people in their journey to the past that added so much to the story. They also land in hot water more than once, which adds to the suspense.

I loved that Heldt did a lot of research in this as it’s filled with detailed historical elements. Every person they met in this story had something important to add to the Lane’s journey. The suspenseful element of the manhunt makes it a fast-paced read, hoping they can elude Silas. This is book 1 in the series and I’m definitely looking forward to what more is in store for this family.

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The Lane Betrayal is available for purchase on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.


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