Stolen Memories, Amanda Siegrist


Pepper is in town for one reason. It doesn’t include making friends, and she is singularly focused on only that. As we watch her join the police force and get thrown into working alongside Seth, we watch her walls slowly start to crumble. Seth knows he’s made mistakes in his past but he doesn’t feel Pepper is one of them. If only he can get her to shift her focus off her job long enough to give him a chance because he knows there’s a good woman underneath the tough exterior.

Admittedly, this one had a rocky start for me because I thought there was too much repetition on the fact Pepper had to remain distant and wasn’t there to make friends. But once I got over the initial hump, the story grew addicting and I wanted to know why Pepper was in town. I wanted to see her and Seth succeed.

I love the town of Lucky because the family we are introduced to over multiple books is tight-knit, and they protect their own, even when they’re in the wrong. I’m looking at you, Kat. I loved watching Seth break down Pepper’s walls, and I loved how his family and friends embraced her. A super fun read.

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Stolen Memories is available on Amazon for $3.99


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