Perfect Little Children, Sophie Hannah


With so many reviews on this, I’m just going to get right into my thoughts. Beth’s husband Dom drove me insane. Two days into investigating what is going on with their former friends, and he’s acting like she’s destroying the family. It was dramatic and repetitive. You just *knew* the next time he popped into the scene, he would repeat his assertion that she needs to stop this, that it was in the best interest of the family. And I’m not one to tell others to calm down, because when has that ever worked? But here I was, screaming at him to calm down. (Spoiler: he didn’t.)

And sure, Beth had her maddening qualities too. Like flying off to Florida because she needed to know. I would get mad at that but I just finished watching Little Fires Everywhere, and Reese Witherspoon did the same thing. So meh, our obsessions can make us do things that probably aren’t a good decision in hindsight.

By the time I got to the reveal, I didn’t much care anymore because of the repetitiveness. I can see at least a quarter of that aspect being cut from the book and we would still know that Beth had grown obsessed. It’s not a horrible book, I’ve given it 3-stars. It’s just too much, which for me, ruins the premise of what could be a really good book.

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Perfect Little Children is available on Amazon for $14.99



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