Aftershocks, Phill Featherstone


I hadn’t read book one in this series, but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. Though I want to go back and read book 1. The pacing was mixed on this for me. Sometimes portions of the book spent too much detail on Lander’s day to day. Then other times, he would land himself in hot water, and I would race to see if and how he would get out of it.

Featherstone wrote Lander’s naivety in what was going on in the outside world well. While Lander left his farm with good intentions, he made a few costly mistakes. Considering how young he was, he handled all the obstacles well. Growing up on a farm can give you some skills that can help you out in the world. You will need to read book 3 for a resolution because some secrets come to light that need resolving. Aftershocks is a fun read. I was glad when Lander found his voice and his strength and I want to see where that goes.

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Aftershocks is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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