Then She Was Gone, Lisa Jewell


I’ve read and loved a few of Lisa’s newer books, so I’ve been trying to work my way through her back catalog, and overall I enjoyed this one. This is going to be kept vague so I don’t spoil it. I like how she introduced different characters and then allowed them their own chapters to give a complete picture of what was going on. It’s also told over two periods in time which I enjoy.

I wasn’t put off that I suspected someone right from the start because finding out how to get to that point was a lot of fun. Whenever I read stories of parents who have had children go missing, the thing that hits home is that the worst part is the not knowing. That really hits home here with Laurel. All the characters, from the good to the bad, were well written. If there’s one thing I didn’t like was a bit of easy cleanup regarding a pregnancy. Perhaps things can be done the way Jewell writes, but it doesn’t seem feasible to me. Then She Was Gone starts with a bang and continues with a dark and suspicious tone. Overall it was a fun read that hooks you from the start.

Read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. Give it a like while you’re there.

Then She Was Gone is available on Amazon for $12.99


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