Rebel Academy: Crave, Rosemary A. Johns


“Was it wrong to crave love?”

From the very first chapter where we meet Magenta, I was invested in her and her future in the Rebel Academy. But then, as Johns introduced characters, I found myself attached to each of them. When each chapter focused on various members of the Rebels, I declared that person my favorite until the next chapter; a testament to how great these characters are. Pitting Princes against Immortals in an Academy that you don’t leave would seem like the ultimate torture. It’s what the witches have devised for the students that make it pure hell.

“I’d never deserved to be shut away.”

The banter ranges from heartbreaking to amusing and the first time Fox shifted, I laughed out loud. Rosemary has a talent for evoking a range of emotions from her readers. The characters are inclusive, who don’t wear one particular label. Everything from the setting and descriptions to the dialogue is rich and detailed, and you can imagine yourself right there along with the characters. I’m looking forward to seeing Magenta realize her full potential. A fun book to start the series off.

Rebel Academy is available on Amazon for $3.99.
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