You Are the Story: Megan Walker and Janci Patterson


You Are the Story follows two couples: Felix and Jenna, and Josh and Anna-Marie. Their lives have changed drastically, and they must deal with the changes. Felix and Jenna have just had a baby, and that has altered the family dynamic. Jenna is having trouble coping with the demands of a new baby, and the hectic life that comes with their growing family.

Josh and Anna-Marie have struggled for two years to have a baby, and it’s been hard on their relationship. Each is internalizing their problems rather than speaking out, and the cracks are showing. While Josh and Felix form an unlikely friendship, they lean on each other when things get hard. Will these couples weather the storms, or will they succumb to the pressure?

You Are the Story isn’t just about these couples though. It’s about the power of friendship, and the worth of having a good friend to help you work through to a solution. I loved this one. I adored Felix in Everything We Are, and I’m glad his role in this core group of friends remains so strong. He’s open about his feelings, and he’s a fighter. We continue to see that strength repeatedly. I love watching him draw people into his circle, and what better person than Josh?

Walker and Patterson have this series that has such tremendous growth in the characters and you become attached to them. You find yourself invested in their lives and the stories that accompany them. You Are the Story is the perfect addition to this series. It has the right balance of humor and heartbreak and leaves you with all the feels.

You Are the Story is available on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

Start the series with The Extra, also $3.99, and enrolled in KU.

Read this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there.


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