New Jerk in Town, Sylvie Stewart


Sometimes you just know when the person is the one, even if the timing isn’t right. Told in alternating timelines, Jill and Milo’s history started 12 years ago. They started as summer friends and left their friendship behind in anger. All these years later, Jill thinks Milo is the same jerk as before, but this time, she’s stuck with him. In a rough place in her life, she has no other option but to depend on him. Can she stop holding onto the past hurt long enough to see the man Milo has become?

Whenever I read a new Sylvie Stewart book, I gush, because she always delivers the perfect romantic comedy. Her characters know how to have fun, and they know how to get down to business. I’m especially fond of Milo and that Jill has always been his “one”. He’s been through a lot in his life, but he knows what he wants. Jill’s a bit hot-headed, and Milo is the perfect man to help balance her out. New Jerk in Town is a super fun read, which has arrived just in time for summer.

New Jerk in Town is available on Amazon for $3.99

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