The Happy Ever After Playlist, Abby Jimenez


I don’t normally post two reviews in a row, but I’m a bit behind in my reviews, and I wanted to share a review of a book I loved after sharing one that I was lukewarm for.

This one is already so incredibly well-reviewed that I will skip the summary. I already knew I would dig it because I love when an author bases their chapters around music. Sloan had me laughing out loud from the start, which immediately hooked me. I loved her friendship with Kristen, and now I need to go read The Friend Zone so I can get her story as well.

Jason and Sloan were adorably cute, and when things went wrong, Jason was a grade-A groveller. I think Sloan overreacted a few times, but she’s written so incredibly well, that she knew she was overreacting, which made her pretty close to perfect. That is such a rare thing in books, and it has made me an instant fan of Jimenez. I cried a few times reading this because their relationship was so strong, it was emotional.

This was such a fun read. I didn’t want to put it down because I loved all the characters (including the dog Tucker), and the storyline. A perfect blend of sexy times, comedy, and tear-inducing moments. I highly recommend this one.

The Happy Ever After Playlist is available on Amazon for $9.99

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