We Were Mothers, Katie Sise


I won’t summarize this as there are a ton of reviews. I couldn’t stand Cora and the extent of control she needed to assert over her children’s lives. Normally when a person is that controlling, it’s because they’ve had a major trauma in their past. It could be from her sister’s death, I’m not sure. But I know I couldn’t stand her, so she’s well written in that regard.

I wasn’t exactly sure why Sarah and Jade didn’t bother to tell her the truth of Jade’s relationship with Maggie. I thought the fact that Dash got off on what he did to his wife Laurel, was just terrible writing because you don’t get away with what he did, even if she didn’t want to press charges. That’s not how it works. The addition of Rachel into their marriage was pointless. That’s not how BDSM works at all. It’s about safe, sane, and consensual and no one in the lifestyle would condone his behavior.

Even though there were several aspects to the book I didn’t love, there was a lot to like. Once the book hit the 60% mark, the plot picked up, things got tense, and it started to look like the suspense it’s labeled as. The neighborhood drama was fun because there is always drama going on in close-knit communities such as this. Between the lies and betrayal, there’s a bit of everything to like. I liked the multiple points of view, and I liked watching the secrets unfold. Overall, an enjoyable read.

We Were Mothers is available on Amazon for 99 cents.
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A scandalous revelation is about to devastate a picturesque town where the houses are immaculate and the neighborhoods are tightly knit. Devoted mother Cora O’Connell has found the journal of her friend Laurel’s daughter—a beautiful college student who lives next door—revealing an illicit encounter. Hours later, Laurel makes a shattering discovery of her own: her daughter has vanished without a trace. Over the course of one weekend, the crises of two close families are about to trigger a chain reaction that will expose a far more disturbing web of secrets. Now everything is at stake as they’re forced to confront the lies they have told in order to survive.

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