Trust in Love, Amanda Siegrist


Sophie escapes an abusive relationship just in the nick of time. She settles into the house she inherited from her absent father, vowing never to return to NY. Life in Minnesota is completely different for her, but she’s determined to find her way, continuing with her craft business to make money. But life has other plans in the form of Austin McCord. He knows Sophie has a past she doesn’t want to share, and he knows she doesn’t want to date, but he vows to be there for her as a friend. We watch Sophie heal, and Austin learn how to love.

I liked how easy going Austin was, and I loved his persistence in being there for Sophie. We also got to see Zeke and Ava, who we met in book 1. While I loved Ava’s feistiness in Protecting You, I thought she was overbearing towards Sophie in this one. Sophie was clearly shattered and healing, and Ava pushed her too far. I was glad when Austin spoke up. This was a fun read, and I’ve loved working my way through this series. I can’t wait to read Emmett’s story. Nicely done.

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Trust in Love is available for preorder on Amazon for $3.99

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