It Started with a Secret, Jill Mansell


After their employer needs to close up shop, Lainey and Kit land a job at the home of a well-known, retired actor. While their job started with a minor lie, Lainey finds she enjoys working for this quirky family. She also likes Seth, but she can’t say anything because she’s fibbed and said that she’s in a relationship with Kit, who has never dated a woman in his life. We follow Lainey and the family as they settle into this new life together.

The characters had unique personalities, and I enjoyed watching them grow in this one. If I had one complaint about them, it’s the reference to Richard’s drinking, which happens a lot. I’m not bothered that he drinks, but it’s mentioned needlessly often. I also felt somewhere after we hit the 1/3 mark that the book grew a bit slow, and that we were just reading about the day to day with no actual progress in the book. But once I got over that hump, it grew back to being an enjoyable, light and fun read.

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It Started with a Secret is available on Amazon for $7.99



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