The Lost Girls of Devon, Barbara O’Neal


“Lost girls. I’d found them everywhere, all over the world, all longing for hope, for love, for an answer to their hungers in a world that did not honor them.”

When she was seven, Zoe’s mother Poppy dropped her off at her grandmother’s house and never came back. While they wrote letters and talked on the phone, it wasn’t enough for her, so when she was 12, she cut her mother out of her life forever. Now a mother to a teenage Isabel, Zoe must return home to her grandmother Lillian’s to find her missing best friend. Things get tense when these 4 generations get together. Add in Zoe’s first boyfriend, Sage, and her missing best friend Diana, you have a book filled with possibilities.

I related to one of these women at one time or another during my reading, though I especially related to both Zoe and Isabel, who struggled with PTSD. My heart hurt for Isabel and I could relate to her anxiety and panic. There was beauty in the way she walked herself through those episodes. I loved Poppy’s free spirit and enjoyed watching her grow as a character, a grandmother, and a mother. Through tragedy, they all brought something special to each other. All of them are talented artists in their chosen craft, and I adored that their art played such a big role in the book.

I first read O’Neal in December 2019, and I instantly fell in love. When I saw she had a new book coming out, I raced to request it from Lake Union Publishing because I knew I had to have it. I can’t recommend the book enough. The characters and the storyline are fantastic. Between the mystery of Diana’s disappearance, the blossoming love between Zoe and Sage, and the healing among the generations, it touches on so many emotions as you’re reading. A heartwarming and healing journey.

The Lost Girls of Devon is available on Amazon for $4.99.

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