The Comeback, Ella Berman


Grace started acting as a young teen. Since then, she’s become a star. But she’s been carrying a secret and has spent the last year hiding from it at her parent’s house. But hiding out has its disadvantages, especially because the paparazzi just won’t leave her alone. Caught in many less than flattering headlines, Grace must decide if she wants to return to acting. But she has hefty reasons for leaving, and the tradeoff might be too much.

Berman wrote this in alternating timelines from the past and the present. The past tells of the abuse Grace suffered at the hands of Able. She felt hopeless to speak up as he cut her off from her family. His emotional manipulation left her reliant upon him. As it progresses, she realizes she has no allies. Not in this industry where you keep your silence, or you’re shut out of the business for good.

Through Grace, we read about the abuse in the industry and the silence it demanded. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grace was suffering from PTSD from the long-term abuse. My heart broke for her as she told of the isolation and loneliness. She had never learned to make friends or function in everyday life because she started so young. It was rewarding watching her find her strength and heal. Thank you, Berkley for sending this along.

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The Comeback is available on Amazon for $13.99.


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