Angel Flight, R.D. Kardon


Tris is at a job where she feels respected, as a Captain for Westing Charter Company. The good news is she’s up for Chief Pilot much sooner than she expected. Westing will provide an angel flight for a woman with ALS, a great honor for the company which will help promote their business. Tris navigates not only the plane but her friendships and a blossoming relationship in Angel Flight.

Things hadn’t been easy on Tris being a female in a male-dominated industry, and while conditions for her have improved, this story exemplifies the problems that arise even in an ideal job. The issues she was facing with Bruce and the support he receives seems like it would be typical of the time. Tris showed true class by continuing her friendship with him.

The friendship that baffled me was the one she had with Diana. She was an unsupportive friend who made things about herself and didn’t give Tris much space to vent when she needed. I felt Tris deserved better from a friendship. Tris also tried dating for the first time in 4 years after the death of Bron. I think a lot of women ignore issues as Tris did because they want it to work, or because they focus on the good. I’m looking forward to the next book where I hope we can see more of Danny, who seems to be in a tough position.

Tris is a fighter, and she’s fought for and earned everything she has. She’s an excellent pilot and a good friend. Kardon draws off her on life experience to write a wonderful story that hooks you in from the start. I had let her know that once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down because it’s a well-written and engaging story from the start. Nicely done.

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Angel Flight is available on Amazon for $6.99.


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