Where Loyalties Lie, Jill Ramsower


Both Tamir and Emily are keeping secrets. Bound by their secrets for varying reasons, if they don’t learn to trust one another, Emily might not make it out alive. Emily has a forceful personality, and her inner strength keeps her fighting. She’s highly self-reliant, and sometimes that means not letting Tamir in when she needs to. Described by Emily as scary, Tamir is anything but. His quiet strength comes from his time in the Israeli army and the contacts he’s made along the way. Together they can make the impossible happen, and it all comes down to trust.

This one was fun. Still quietly connected to the five families, but a complete standalone, it contains a bit for everyone. There’s the romance aspect, the danger, mafia, and military all rolled into a steamy slow-burn romance. Jill always delivers a well-written story with fantastically deep characters with strong female leads. Where Loyalties Lie is a fun and heated addition to her ever-growing catalog.

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Where Loyalties Lie is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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