Colors and Curves, Kristina Beck


Julius is perfectly imperfect. He’s very private, he’s carrying a heavy secret about himself, and the weight of his past is heavy on his shoulders. When his dog, Chance, crashes into Skylar, his life changes, waking up feelings he thought lay dormant. Burned by men in the past, Sky is wary of Julius because he made a less than stellar impression. Okay, he was a jerk. But there is something about him, and she wants to know more.

This series has characters that appear in each other’s books, so while this can be read as a standalone, if you’ve read the previous books you will already know the recurring characters. Sometimes we build these walls so high and so thick, that they won’t come down without the right person. But they can’t come down if we aren’t being open and honest.

Colors and Curves is a sweet kind of heat, filled with anticipation. It’s about trust, healing, and love at first sight. Sky and Julius are a great couple to join the series. I picture their home brimming with children and rescue pets. Nicely done.

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Colors and Curves is available  on Amazon for $2.99.

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