Charlock’s Secret, Leah Moyes


Fleeing from the grief of her deceased fiance, Kat flees the states to take a position in the Gilford estate. She has trouble acclimating at first, but she can’t seem to outrun the painful memories. Waking up from an accident while working, she finds herself thrown back in time to the earlier Gilford family. Hired as a governess for the two daughters, she must acclimate to this new life, while trying to fit in. She might just find herself stuck in 1878 with no way to return to the present.

There were a few things that kept me from giving it 5-stars. At times, Pauline’s dialect was too much for me to understand, especially when Kat wasn’t mentally translating what she said. Her dialog was enough that it made it problematic to read, and so I found myself skimming over when she spoke. Also, I understand that Kat’s past is told through her memories, but the number of times she spaced off mid-convo would have had her fired or committed. I feel there must have been a better way for the reader to know her past than having it occur in the middle of a conversation.

But when I look past those minor issues, this was a highly enjoyable read, with fun characters and a unique storyline. The history of the Gilford’s was highly imaginative, and the period in time was well-researched. I liked Merritt. He was a good man who did things because they were right and not because someone was watching. A fun read filled with the power of friendship and healing.

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Charlock’s Secret is available on Amazon for $2.99, it’s enrolled in KU.

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