The Night Swim, Megan Goldin


In the small town of Neapolis, they are awaiting the trial of one of their golden boys, accused of raping a teenage girl, called K. Rachel Krall is covering the rape and trial in her true-crime podcast. While prepping for the trial, Rachel’s attention is drawn to a letter she receives from a girl named Hannah, who writes of the murder of her sister, Jenny, 25 years ago in the same small town. Police ruled the murder as a suicide when it seems to be anything but. Rachel is reluctant to investigate because of the way Hanna is dropping off the letters, but her curiosity wins out. Will either of these cases get the resolution they deserve?

This is under psychological thriller and psychological fiction on Amazon, but it’s more mystery than thriller. Told in alternating viewpoints and timelines, Goldin tells both Rachel and Hannah’s perspectives extremely well. Rachel is a fantastic character who is strong, thorough, and impartial in her reporting. I would love to see Goldin write Rachel’s character as part of a series.

The Night Swim is well-researched. It’s raw and honest, and sometimes it’s brutal, but a necessity to be true to both K and Jenny’s stories. We get a glimpse of the horrors of rape, what a woman must go through in reporting it, how they get vilified by their peers, and the traumatization of testifying. The two cases of the past and present are seamlessly weaved together in a heartbreaking, yet hopeful story that might be delicate for some readers. Yet is a must-read for men and women alike.

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The Night Swim is available on Amazon for $14.99.


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